Friday, April 6, 2012

Old Baltimore Postcards

A beautiful real photo hand colored postcard of City Hall, early 1900s.
A pull out booklet postcard of the Battle Monument, date unknown but would guess early 1900s

The pull out booklet contains several photos of Baltimore buildings and places
The Lyric before additions where added
The Bromo Tower before the 51 foot bottle was removed due to structural damage cause by it's weight
The Tower Building around 1920
Baltimore Street looking west from Gay street
Baltimore Street looking west from Howard
Baltimore Street after being rebuilt from 1904 Great Fire      
Baltimore Street looking west from Calvert

Broadway looking south from Baltimore Street

Gay street looking north east from Front street
NW corner of Gay street and Forrest
Oyster boats in Harbor
Light Street piers south of Pratt before street was widened after 1904 fire