Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lone mansard roof house

I stumbled on this house about two years ago while examining my favorite old map of Baltimore.

Franklin Street and Kirby Lane 1869. This was once a beautiful area on the edge of the city.

In 1869, it sat alone, across the street from what looks like a church and down and across the street from an enormous mansion that I was then in process of researching. For some reason I love houses with mansard roofs, so it stuck out. It was near the intersection of Franklin Street and Kirby Lane, a road has has been obliterated almost completely over the years. It wasn't until sometime later that Fulton Street was extended north of Franklin Street and Kirby Lane just didn't fit into the new grid. It can still be found, but now only as a small alley that extends for only a few blocks or so. In any case, the house with the mansard roof kept catching my eye. Since I wasn't having any luck finding info on the big mansion up the street, I took a shot in the dark. I looked on Google maps to see if the mansard roof house was still standing. To my surprise it was! This can't of course be confirmed 100% unless I delve into old property records, but I'm 99% sure it's the same house. All the pieces fall into place. I had the opportunity to photograph the house last weekend. It's now surrounded by rows of houses and a very busy intersection. From the looks of it, it has been incorporated into the church that fronts Fulton Ave. It appears to be in good shape, as well!

The old house is still in good shape.
The surroundings have changed dramatically over the last 130 or so years!

For more info on Kirby Lane, check out this great website:
Baltimore Ghosts, Kirby Lane
This site has not been updated in many years, but is full of information about Baltimore's
lost relics, streets and buildings.

Take a look at the  E. Sachse & Co. map of Baltimore:
Enoch Pratt Library
This map can enthrall me for hours at a time.

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